Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

It is the intention that articles published in theGristmillbe informative and interesting to the reader on their own. In addition, the submissions should make it possible for the readers to dig deeper into the material presented, if they so desire.

Accordingly, Gristmill articles should include endnotes in an abbreviated format. Citations are not necessary for general knowledge, but should be used for specific references such as quotations, deeds, wills, court documents, newspaper articles, etc. The advent of on-line sourcing provides an opportunity for streamlined references that can easily be followed by the reader. Below are examples of preferred citations:

Books: Author, title, page                          Field Horne, The First Respectable House, p. 14

Articles: Author, name, publication, page     Graham Hodges, “Slavery” in The Encyclopedia of New York State,p. 1418

Deed and wills:  Description, book, page       Saratoga County Deeds, Book 114, p, 42

Newspapers: Name, date,                                   Ballston Journal, March 5, 1858

On-line sources: Description, Web site            Milton Tax Assessment Rolls 1802,                                           

We encourage writers to submit drafts to the Gristmill editor, or an assigned coach, who will be pleased to assist in preparing your article for final publication.

Images accompanying articles (1-3 preferred) should include sources and be noted as public domain or by permission. Articles should be submitted in Word format and images in web format  (jpg. or png.) to