Ballston Area History Roundtable Lending Library

In order to facilitate research into local history by our members, the following books are available to borrow. Our policy is to lend books for one month, returnable at the next meeting of the group. These are mainly reproductions, not original copies. It is hoped that some of the topics covered by these books will inspire some of us to research further into the subjects covered, and possibly share their findings with the group at future meetings, or in blogs on the BAHR web site. The books below are available in the Heritage Hunters resource room at Brookside Museum. If you would like to borrow one, simply sign in with your name and date. This list focuses on the 18thand 19thcentury. If others have books from later periods and are willing to add to this list, please bring to the next BAHR meeting.       In chronological order of publication:

A Gazetteer of the State of New York, Horatio Gates Spafford, 1813, 334 p. One of the earliest descriptions of the Village and Local Towns. Includes information on population, geography, soil fertility, mills, churches,etc.

A Review and Exposition of the Falsehood and Misrepresentation of a Pamphlet Addressed to the Republicans of the County of Saratoga, “A Citizen”, 1816, 47 p. A fascinating polemic that proves insight into a dispute among the local politicians that involved in a split of the party between “New Liners” and “Old Liners.”

Brief History of the Printing Press in Washington, Saratoga and Warren Counties, William H. Hill,125 p.Includes a list of publications and descriptions of books and pamphlets published in Ballston up to 1825

Oration Delivered at the Democratic Republican Celebration of the Sixty-fourth Anniversary of the Independence of the United States, July, 4,1840, Samuel Young, 1840, 24p. A patriotic speech delivered in mid-19thcentury style by the long-time local state legislator.

A History of Temperance in Saratoga County, New York, William Hay, 1855, 155 p. The Story of the local Temperance movement, including the organizational meetings, their charters and  motivation.

Gazetteer of the State of New York, J.H. French, 1860, 721 p.A massive and comprehensive study of the economic, political and statistical status of counties and towns in the state on the eve of the Civil War.ORIGINAL COPY – USE AT BROOKSIDE ONLY

The Bench and Bar of Saratoga County, E.R. Mann, 1876. 391 pages. Includes information of early lawyers and judges as well as many interesting local legal cases.

Leading Industrial Pursuits, John S. Buckley, 1877 70 p. The first half of the book focuses on the many mills and commercial interests of the Ballston area.

Reminiscences of Saratoga and Ballston. William L Stone, 1890, 438 p. Classic History of Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa. -ORIGINAL COPY – USE AT BROOKSIDE ONLY

Through Poverty’s Vale, Henry Conklin, 1891 263 p.A first-hand account of growing up in upstate New York 1832-1862. Great resource for a program on 19thC. family life

Centennial History of the Village of Ballston Spa, Edward F. Gross, 1907, 258 p. The classic history of the village and towns of Ballston and Milton, written in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the village.

The Story of Old Saratoga, John Henry Brandow, 1919, 513 p.A dated but very interesting account of the early days of eastern Saratoga County during the colonial and revolutionary period.

Streetscapes Through Time, Paul & Marilyn Pastore, 2007, 91p. In commemoration of the 200thanniversary of the founding of the Village of Ballston Spa. Historical and model pictures from the Pastore collection

In Our Own Words: The Story of Saratoga County, Joyt Houle, ed. 2009, 230 p. A compendium of articles on Saratoga Towns and Stories from the Community


Ballston Area History Roundtable – Lending Library


Book                                                          Provided by                                     Borrower                        Date

Spafford Gazetteer 1813 Jim Richmond    
Response to “A Citizen” 1816 Jim Richmond    
Printing Press – Hill – 1825 Jim Richmond    
Samuel Young Oration -1840 Jim Richmond    
Temperance History – Hay – 1855 Jim Richmond    
Gazetteer of New York – French – 1860 Kim McCartney Brookside use only  
Bench and Bar – Mann – 1876 Jim Richmond    
Industrial Pursuits-Buckley – 1877 Jim Richmond    
Rem of Saratoga & Ballston – Stone -1890 Jim Richmond Brookside use only  
Through Poverty’s Vale – Conklin – 1891 Jim Richmond    
Centennial History – Gross – 1907 Jim Richmond    
The Story of Old Saratoga -Brandow-1919 Jim Richmond    
Ballston Spa-Streetscapes thru time-2007 Kim McCartney    
In Our Own Words: Story of Saratoga Co Kim McCartney